Any submission that does not follow the guidelines is subject to deletion.

Submit up to three mp4 or mp3s as separate file uploads. 10-15 minutes maximum length per file. Indicate the following information in the "cover letter" box for each composition file: genre of music, instruments involved, performer names. Recordings of live performances fine; this should also be indicated in the cover letter box. 

Submitters are encouraged to include with their audio files an additional document in the submission. This can be a score for the composition(s) (the score would be printed in the journal upon acceptance of the audio file for publication) or an artist's statement about the work(s) submitted in audio files. Do not include identifying information in the file names or within the documents themselves; failure to follow this guideline could result in automatic rejection.

NOTE: HPR will not accept scores as stand-alone submissions; they must be accompanied by audio files of the work being performed.

No previously published work (previously performed work okay).

Simultaneous submissions okay.

Upon publication, High Plains Register claims First North American Serial Rights; after publication, all rights revert to the author, with the understanding that High Plains Register will receive credit if the piece is reprinted elsewhere.